Company Profile: Ribometrix, Inc.

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Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                     
Year Founded: 2015

Ribometrix is discovering small molecule therapeutics for rare/orphan and unmet human diseases targeting RNAs using its proprietary disruptive RNA platform technologies.

Unmet need: RNAs have been of huge interest and represent a broad avenue to impact a large class of targets. Thus far, RNAs have only partially been targeted with oligonucleotides (antisense, siRNA, microRNA) due to a lack of systematic small molecule screening capabilities and design/SAR tools against RNA.

Disruptive Solution: Using its validated platforms, Ribometrix can first systematically discover druggable 3D structures in RNAs (no other drug discovery approach can achieve this robustly and rapidly at a reasonable cost). Second, Ribometrix can perform compound screening to find hit molecules, defining their mode of interaction and providing a specificity assessment in a single assay. With these platforms, Ribometrix is enabling the rapid discovery of high confidence hits to progress into traditional lead optimization to design drug-like molecules (assets) for Huntington’s Disease, cancer, fibrosis, MS and other high-unmet, rare/orphan as well as broader population diseases.

Kevin Weeks, PhD, Founder, Interim CEO
Katie Warner, PhD, Co-founder and Director of Research
Anil Goyal, PhD, CLP, Chief Operating Officer
Brian Marron, PhD, Drug Discovery
Marilyn Thompson, Finance


  • Funding: Total of $1.2M in non-dilutive funding (NIH, SBIR)
  • Signed exclusive WW license agreement for technology platform from UNC-CH, April 2016
  • Selected for the UNC-Chapel Hill Innovation Showcase 2016
  • Awarded 4 grants from different funding sources showing the validation and strong rigorous review of the innovative ideas of Ribometrix

Carolina KickStart, CED, NC Biotechnology Center, SBTDC, UNC Chapel Hill Office of Technology Development, NIH

Anil Goyal
Chapel Hill, NC

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