Company Profile: Locus Biosciences

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Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                              
Year Founded: 2015

Locus Biosciences is an emerging biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of a next generation CRISPR-Cas platform for Programmed Cell Death.  Our novel platform creates precision antimicrobials through targeted DNA destruction using CRISPR-Cas technology. CRISPR-Cas systems are natural immune systems from bacteria that can be readily programmed to target DNA for destruction. Locus has exclusive rights to the use of the novel Type I CRISPR-Cas3 system, a programmable system that destroys DNA efficiently, specifically and beyond repair.

Locus Biosciences designs and creates novel CRISPR RNAs (guide RNAs) that direct the powerful CRISPR-Cas3 nuclease to target and kill bacteria by irreversibly destroying the bacterial DNA. The irreversible destruction of DNA is the primary differentiator between Cas3 and Cas9, as Cas9 makes double-stranded breaks that can be repaired by the cell.

The Locus Biosciences platform enables the design and development of powerful antimicrobials that avoid currently known antibiotic resistance mechanisms while leaving non-target bacteria unharmed. Built on prokaryotic technology for prokaryotic targets, Locus is advancing its platform to create therapeutics for critical disease areas ranging from resistant bacterial infections to the microbiome.

Paul Garofolo, Chief Executive Officer
Rodolphe Barrangou PhD MBA, Chief Scientific Officer
David Ousterout, Chief Technology Officer


  • Funding: $1.85MM in Angel Funding, $325k in NC Biotech Center Venture Loans, $1.25m in convertible note funding (totaling $3.2m raised to date)
  • Developed and validated, in vitro, a unique suite of delivery vectors of a patent-pending CRISPR-Cas system for antimicrobials and microbiome indications
  • Successful completion of pre-clinical survival studies in murine models of lethal bacterial peritonitis
  • Successfully raised a Series-Seed funding round of $1.5MM and in process of raising $5m convertible note ($1.25m raised inside the note to date)

CED, Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures, NC Biotechnology Center, NC State Office of Technology Transfer, SBTDC, Alexandria Ventures

Paul Garofolo
Raleigh, NC

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