Company Profile: kēlaHealth

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Showcase                                                                                       
Sub-sector: Healthcare IT/Digital Health                                                       
Year Founded: 2016

KēlaHealth is a software-as-a-service health informatics technology company that uses machine learning for predicting surgery complication risk and deploying risk modification interventions for surgeons. KēlaHealth aims to reduce surgical complications by (1) leveraging data from millions of patients to generate accurate clinical risk predictions, (2) standardizing surgeon variability in practice by suggesting interventions specific to the patient and surgical procedure, and (3) addressing administrative and regulatory needs for quality compliance in surgical care. Ultimately, kēlaHealth provides value for patients, surgeons and hospitals by employing precision medicine to decrease surgical complications, optimize surgical care, and therefore, maximize financial benefit to the hospital system under new value-based care models.

Bora Chang, MD
Jeff Sun, MD
Elizabeth Lorenzi, MS
Ouwen Huang
Erich Huang, MD-PhD
Christopher Mantyh, MD
Katherine Heller, PhD
Carl Brinkman, MBA


  • Funding: $100,000
  • Winner of Duke Innovation Jam ($50K)
  • Duke Institute for Health Innovation Grant ($50K)
  • Top 15 Teams for Round 1 of Duke Startup Challenge 2016-2017 (Ongoing)
  • Completed clinical pilot study with 200 patients at Duke Hospital
  • Exclusive license to technology from Duke University 

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures, Groundwork Labs, NC IDEA, SBTDC, Wyrick-Robbins

Bora Chang
Durham, NC

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