CED Life Science Conference 2018 - presenting at the Coulter Investment Forum
Sub-sector: Healthcare IT
Year Founded: 2016

i-Function bridges the “real world functioning skills” gap between daily life, functional skills and technology and can help older people and people with cognitive impairments (MCI, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.) regain their prior functional skills or assist them with the acquisition of new functional skills such as those needed to manage emerging and existing technologies (medication management, banking, shopping, etc.). This takes place through a proprietary, unique & evidence-based, functional skills assessment and training software platform. Enhancing functional skills requires training on these activities (normally taking place via in-person training by a trained clinician, caregiver or a family member); currently expensive and often not available to many of those in need.

The solution allows for increased productivity, reach & reduction of costs for clinicians & caregivers and for restored independence (e.g., staying in one’s own home longer), improved ability to learn new skills & higher quality of life for users.

Peter Kallestrup - Co-founder & CEO
Sara J. Czaja, Ph.D. - Co-founder & CSO (aging)
Philip D. Harvey, Ph.D. – Co-founder & CSO (neuropsychiatry)


  • i-Function is commercializing the first research based integrated functional skills assessment and training software solution, currently with sales over $100,000
  • Initial 3 studies have produced very positive results (R&D investment $1M)
  • NIH recently funded a SBIR (Sep.2017) for a new 22 months study ($450,000)
  • Solution has been used by researchers at several top medical facilities including Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins
  • Solution is currently out-licensed to two paying global pharmaceutial companies
  • Commitment (incl. funding) is in place for 2 additional studies in 2018/2019
  • Funding: Grants (NIH & Coulter), self-funded.

Peter Kallestrup
Miami, FL

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