Company Profile: Fluree, PBC
Sub-sector: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
Year Founded: 2016
TechCon Location: Main Stage & Networking Hall

Co-founded in 2016 by Flip Filipowski and Brian Platz, Fluree PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation focused on enabling enterprise blockchain development for a wide range of industry applications. FlureeDB is a modern, feature-rich database solution that allows enterprises to bring blockchain capabilities into applications in a very practical way - as a database that all of these applications need and use already. FlureeDB combines the interoperability and features of a traditional database with immutable blockchain technology to provide an essential infrastructure for building and scaling enterprise blockchain applications.

Brian Platz, Co-CEO
Flip Filipowski, Co-CEO 


  • 2016 - Built FlureeDB Alpha Q1 2017 - Launched Fluree Advocate, first decentralized application on FlureeDB Q4 2017 - Launched FlureeDB beta Q2 2018 - FlureeDB first production release
  • Accolades: December, 2017: ‘Top 10 Coolest Big Data Products of 2017’ - CRN January, 2018: ‘Top 10 Data Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2018’ - CRN February, 2018: ‘The 20 Coolest Cloud Vendors of the Cloud 100’ - CRN March, 2018: Winner, first place - Greensboro Capital Connects Pitch Contest April, 2018: ‘22 Startups to Watch in 2018’ - Database Trends and Applications May, 2018: ‘45 Coolest Data Management and Integration Vendors’ - CRN

Kevin Doubleday
Winston-Salem, NC

Past CED Tech Conference selection: 2017- Lightning Round