Company Profile: ENVIGEN Pharmaceutical Inc.

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Innovation Room                                                                        
Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical
Year Founded: 2008

Envigen Pharmaceutical Inc. is a service company working with its clients to generate new bio-active molecules. The company has produced its proprietary linker for antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) that could not only increase drug effectiveness 2-4 folds but also very stable in blood plasma because of non-peptide based technology platform. Our ADC specifically targets a particular cancer cell antigen, thus ignoring most normal cells and delivering the cytotoxin directly to the cancer cell. Each linker in our antibody-drug-conjugate can carry two or more payloads and this has demonstrated competitive advantages over existing technology where a linker can carry only one drug molecule.  It increases DAR (drug-antibody ratio) from currently known average 4 to 8. Our technology significantly improves overall drug efficiency, is highly durable and cost-effective. Finally, our ADCs have high potency and a significantly wider therapeutic index than ADCs created using conventional non-specific conjugation. This technology market segment is expected to exceed US$ 5bn in sales by 2018 becoming a key component of cancer, and likely autoimmune and anti-inflammatory therapeutics.

Dr. Anil Sharma, President & CEO


  • Developed new drug candidates for many diseases.
  • Developed proprietary linker-payload platform for antibody-drug-conjugates.
  • Two provisional patents have been filed.

Anil Sharma
Durham, NC

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