Company Profile: EasyVote Solutions

CED Tech Venture Conference 2017 - Demo Room
Sub-sector: Cloud/Storage
Year Founded: 2013

Our Election Management Platform reflects EasyVote’s core philosophy towards our software products and our customers. It has been proven through relationships with over 150 elections offices in 10 states. We deployed the Election Management Platform on Microsoft Azure, a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform, relieving our clients of having to configure and deploy software on their own servers. Our platform includes extra levels of security to ensure that information stays private and audit trails cannot be altered. We incorporate mobile applications and technology to allow users to access the platform remotely using a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones.

Ron Davis, Founder and CEO
Charles Davis, CFO
Chuck Giddens, CTO


  • Jurisdictions in 12 states plus DC to run our software.
  • We have not lost a customer since inception in 2013.
  • No issues with our software during the 2016 Presidential Election.
  • Accolades: 2016 recipient of Top 40 TAG (Technology Assoc. of Georgia) Innovator
  • Funding: $1,500,000

Charles Davis
Wilmington, NC

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