Company Profile: DataClarity Corporation

CED Tech Venture Conference 2017 - Demo Room
Sub-sector: BI/Analytics
Year Founded: 2002

DataClarity helps people prepare, visualize, analyze, share, and utilize data, and rapidly transform it into actionable information with world-class analytics technology and industry and line of business applications. We respond to the individualized needs of every client by combining our extensible analytics and data science platform and applications with certified technical and financial consultants who possess in-depth business and finance knowledge, industry best practices, and lessons learned from years of working with industry leading organizations globally. With over 1,200 projects completed successfully, DataClarity’s track record of success spans over 500 clients from the mid-market to the Fortune 500 – this success is based on a methodology and a project partnering approach where clients are actively engaged from the discovery phase to completion, with consistent knowledge transfer occurring throughout the project duration.

Mark W. Mueller, Founder
Steven M. Johnson, Vice President, Senior Partner
Dragos M. Georgescu, Vice President, Research & Development
Eliza N. Georgescu, Vice President, Marketing & Operations

Mark Mueller
Raleigh, NC

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