Company Profile: Celldom

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Innovation Room                                                                                   
Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                          
Year Founded: 2016

Celldom is a seed stage biotechnology company.  Most cancer patients die because their tumors contain drug-resistant cells, which though initially present at small fractions, continue to enrich during treatment to create incurable tumor clones. Celldom, Inc., will solve this problem by developing a platform to organize, monitor, and analyze rare drug-resistant cells to quantify the functional and genetic features enabling their resistance. Celldom’s signature product will consist of an analyzer and intelligent microfluidic chips, wherein each chip can isolate tens of thousands of single cells or single cell pairs in a single test, keep cells alive for multiple days, challenge the arrayed cells with different drugs, and then prepare barcoded libraries for targeted down-stream sequencing. Celldom will market its products to medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, who will use these products to design better cancer therapies to broadly suppress resistance and ultimately save the lives of countless patients.

Zachary Forbes PhD, President and CEO
Benjamin B. Yellen PhD, Chief Technology Officer
Kris Wood PhD, Chief Scientific Officer


  • Funding: NIH NIGMS Phase I SBIR: $224,000 + 40% indirects, NC Match $65k anticipated Seed Round Ongoing
  • WSGR signs on as Celldom IP and General Counsel, November 2015
  • Company Incorporation, February 2016
  • Option to License all required IP Negotiated with Duke University, April 2016
  • Core IP international PCT patents submitted, August 2016
  • NIH NIGMS Phase I SBIR Proposal Successfully Funded, November 2016
  • Celldom joins BIOLABS in Durham NC, December 2016

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures, NC Biotechnology Center, SBTDC, Biolabs

Zachary Forbes
Durham, NC

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