Company Profile: Baebies, Inc.

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Sub-sector: Diagnostic                                                                
Year Founded: 2013

More than 500,000 babies are born around the globe each year with a treatable, congenital disorder. That's one baby every minute that dies or is disabled due to lack of accessible newborn screening. Even in the US, with the most mature newborn screening program in the world, there are 100+ diseases with FDA-approved pediatric therapies for which we do not yet screen! The experienced Baebies team, after selling Advanced Liquid Logic to Illumina, has licensed back digital microfluidics to provide highly differentiated products to the newborn screening and pediatric testing markets. The first product – SEEKER, for high-throughput labs - was recently cleared by the FDA and is now available in both the US and abroad. The company’s second product – the FINDER point-of-care platform – will be launched in the EU in early 2018 while pending FDA clearance. The addressable markets are very large and the potential benefits even larger. The company is currently raising Series B equity. 

Richard West, CEO and Co-founder
Dr. Vamsee Pamula, President and Co-founder
Dr. Vijay Srinivasan, Vice President of Product Development
Tammy Carrea, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory
Charles Cadwell, CFO


  • Funding: $13M Series A equity, $7.5M NIH grants, $1M 2016 product revenue
  • SEEKER FDA cleared 2/3/2017
  • Five assays commercially available, shipped 1.3M tests cumulative
  • Pharma partner contract for assay development and pilot testing
  • System prototypes for FINDER in test, first FINDER FDA review complete
  • Cumulatively have saved 120+ affected babies – just in pilots!

Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, CED, NC Biotechnology Center, Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures, First Flight Venture Center, Rex Health Ventures, DUMAC

Richard West
Durham, NC

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