Company Profile: SiNON Therapeutics

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Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                                
Year Founded: 2009

SiNON Therapeutics is dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from debilitating neurological diseases by increasing the ability of drugs to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Our patented nanoparticle, the Carbon Dot, will enable pharmaceutical companies to encapsulate their drugs in a way, which dramatically improve drug-localization to the brain. This allows for a reduction in overall dose administration to the patient, leading to reduced toxicity risk and side-effects while improving therapeutic index and cost-efficacy. This is a platform technology that can be applied to treat many types of neurological diseases.


  • Begun animal trials to test clearance and toxicity. Typical dosing is at 175 mg/kg of nanoparticles/drugs. Our nanoparticle can be given at a dose of 1098 mg/kg before becoming toxic! Clears the body within 6 days.
  • Collaboration with Duke Brain Tumor Center - Pre-clinical trials. 
  • Accolades: -1st Place Duke Start-up Challenge -NC Idea grant recipient -Bustle Upstart Awards (STEM): -Forbes 30 under 30 finalist -SBA Innovate Her Top 10 finalist -Tech Connect National winner -Start-up madness 2nd place winner -Duke Angel award winner

CED; Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (I&E); First Flight Venture Center; SBTDC; Duke; UNC

Afreen Allam
Research Triangle Park, NC

Past CED Life Science Conference selection: 2017 - Lightning Round & Innovation Room

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