Company Profile: RxMP Therapeutics, LLC

CED Life Science Conference 2018 - Showcase (Coulter)
Sub-sector: Biologic Therapeutics
Year Founded: 2013

RxMP Therapeutics is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing novel hemostatic agents that are designed to arrest or prevent excessive bleeding, thus reducing the need for transfused blood. Based on inexpensively manufactured red blood cell microparticles (RMPs), the company’s agents are administered systemically to accelerate the clotting processes. Naturally formed RMPs are found normally in the bloodstream. Clinical studies demonstrate that at risk patients with higher natural levels of RMPs are less likely to experience spontaneous bleeds or require transfusions during surgery

RxMP Therapeutics’ RMPs do not trigger clotting, but normalize and accelerate the clotting process once it is underway. RMPs can be used to prevent or treat excessive bleeding, and can be used alone or with locally applied hemostatic agents. RMPs address bleeding even when exact source of bleed is unknown. Potential applications include surgery, trauma, and primary or acquired bleeding disorders, including those resulting from chemotherapy or use of non-reversible anti-coagulants. RxMP’s lead candidate, RMP-402, is in preclinical development. The initial clinical indication targets patients that are at high risk of excessive bleeding during spinal surgery. Further candidates are at research stage.

Rifat Pamukcu, M.D. FAIMBE, President, CEO, Managing Director
Yeon Ahn, M.D., Director
Wayne Barlin, Director


  • Investment to-date: $2.2M
  • FDA Type C Meeting Dec. 6, 2017
  • Patents issued U.S., EU, Japan, additional applications in process
  • Initial lot of allogenic RMPS manufactured under GLP, process is GMP ready
  • Initial GLP Toxicokinetic study in rodents completed
  • Published numerous cross-species animal efficacy model results in peer-reviewed journals

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund

Rifat Pamukcu, MD FAIMBE
Miami, FL

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