Company Profile: OncoTAb, Inc.

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Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                                
Year Founded: 2011

OncoTAb, Inc. was founded by a Mayo Clinic alumna, Dr. Pinku Mukherjee, with a mission to improve the quality of cancer care by addressing unmet cancer diagnostic and therapeutic needs. The technology platform on which these products are being developed is a patented monoclonal antibody (TAB004). OncoTAb has a worldwide exclusive license to this technology platform. The company has launched its first product: Agkura™ Personal Score, a simple, non-invasive blood test as a supplemental test for women with dense breast tissue whose cancers are missed by mammography 50% of the time. OncoTAb has a CLIA registered laboratory and is seeking partnerships/licensing opportunities to accelerate adoption in the US (TAM $ 7.8 Billion) and also offer this test in China and Japan where over 70% of the women have dense breast tissue. OncoTAb has also initiated development of cancer therapies on the basis of two National Cancer Institute awards.

Rahul Puri PhD, CEO
Pinku Mukherjee PhD, CSO


  • Funding: $2.7MM inequity, debt, and non-dilutive
  • Launched Agkura Personal Score, an adjunct to mammography, May 2016
  • Received NCI grant for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy, June 2016
  • Received NCI contract for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, September 2016
  • Antibody on track to be fully humanized by Q1, 2017

NC Biotechnology Center, SBTDC, SCORE, Southeast Bio, UNC Charlotte Office of Technology Transfer

Rahul Puri
Charlotte, NC

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