Company Profile: MiResource

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Innovation Room                                                                                       
Sub-sector: Healthcare IT/Digital Health                                                            
Year Founded: 2016

MiResource is an adolescent mental health database that matches the user with the right therapeutic resources for their condition. It allows users to filter by their need and preferences ensuring that they are matched with the right resources based on their individualized needs. We have developed robust algorithms that take in many different factors that ensure patients are matched with a provider/resource that will produce the most optimal health outcomes. These algorithms are based on various resources that we have developed internally at the company such as a "condition map" which is based on all relevant conditions within the DSM-V and their "evidence based" modalities used to treat those conditions and sub conditions. Other resources that we have developed includes a "modality quiz" to understand what talk therapy modalities will work best for the patient based on their personality, as well as a medal weighting system that ranks various modalities within our condition map.

Gabriela Asturias, Research Director
Jeremy Leng, Software Developer (partner from Bertram Labs)


  • Established Partnership with The Child Mind Institute, July 2016
  • Established Partnership with The Children's Health Council, September 2016
  • Competed R&D of "Condition Map", September 2016
  • Nominated as a Grand Finalist for the American Psychiatry Association's Innovation Lab, October 2016
  • Developed working prototype, November 2016

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, The Child Mind Institute, The Children’s Health Council

Mackenzie Drazan
Woodside, CA

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