COMPANY PROFILE: Kinos Medical, Inc.

CED Life Science Conference 2018 - presenting at the Coulter Investment Forum

Sub-sector: Medical Devices
Year Founded: 2017

Kinos Medical, Inc was founded to develop and commercialize a technology poised to revolutionize total ankle replacement surgery. Utilizing hundreds of CT and MRI data sets, the Kinos IP portfolio is an anatomically & biomechanically accurate total ankle replacement platform. All systems in the comprehensive platform feature implants which restore natural joint anatomy and recreate native kinematics. The platform includes the first resurfacing implant system, which eliminates need by traditional systems to remove native bone; the first custom, patient-specific total ankle implant system; and both primary and revision systems. These market firsts are possible because the Kinos technology is based on the results of extensive imaging data, whereas other available devices over-simplify the complexities of the natural anatomy.

Currently available total ankle replacement devices fail twice as frequently as total knee systems. As a result, surgeons perform ankle fusions three times more frequently than ankle replacements. The Kinos platform will reverse these trends, improve patient outcomes and become the standard of care for patients suffering from ankle arthritis.

Brian Garvey, CEO
William Rhoda, Director
Sorin Siegler, Ph.D.,CTO
Keith Wapner, MD, Medical Director


  • Accolades: 2013 Clinical Biomechanics Award, International Society of Biomechanics
  • Coulter Translational Research Program Award: $214,400
  • Completed Patent License Agreement with Drexel University, Office of Technology Transfer
  • Proof of concept cadaver testing completed
  • Funding: $1.0MM Seed Funding

Coulter Translational Research Program, Drexel University, Steep & Deep Ventures

Brian Garvey
Narberth, PA

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