Company Profile: KindHeart, Inc.

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Showcase & Innovation Room                                                                                    
Sub-sector: Medical Device                                                
Year Founded: 2014

KindHeart offers the only surgical simulation platform that activates animal organs inside realistic human mannequins to create a predictable environment for demonstration and learning. Surgeons experience beating hearts, realistic breathing, and a pulsing flow of imitation blood that bleeds when cut. A wide range of patient conditions and surgical procedures are simulated using precise digital control of tissue dynamics, creating an unprecedented ability to predictably start, stop, discuss, and repeat device demonstrations; rare adverse events are easy to simulate on demand. We are also developing a telesimulation system that revolutionizes vendor access to surgeons for product sales and support. Surgeons and administrators will be able to evaluate the latest innovations without extended time away from patients and will enjoy HD 3D video and proprietary latency management technologies to provide real-time access to our simulators over the Internet with imperceptible latency delays.

W. Andrew Grubbs BSME MBA, President
Sam Drew BS MBA, Vice President of Operations
Joe Vance BS MSBME MS MBA, Director of Sales
Richard H. Feins MD, Founder
John Alexander MD MBA, Director of Cardiac Programs


  • Funding: $3MM
  • Completed first commercial products with 12 months of first funding
  • Attracted #1 robotic surgery player to use KindHeart simulators in marketing and training 5 out of 5 top robotic surgery companies will use KindHeart
  • Potential for profitable 2017 in pipeline
  • Significant IP holdings and licenses
  • Successfully shipped tissue to EU, Canada, Japan and South Korea (first mover)
  • Market potential >$400MM in US and more outside of US

CED, NC Biotechnology Center, UNC Chapel Hill Office of Technology Development, Smith Anderson-Merrill Mason, Scale Finance, BB&T

Andy Grubbs
Chapel Hill, NC

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