Company Profile: CivaTech Oncology, Inc.

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Sub-sector: Medical Device                                                             
Year Founded: 2006

CivaTech Oncology, Inc. offers cancer patients radiation therapy treatment options that minimize distress and inconvenience, maximize quality of life and improve life expectancy. The company developed and is commercializing innovative polymer-based low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy devices, pioneering a new standard of care in treatment of early stage cancers. Our first product, called the CivaString®, has been cleared by the FDA for use in localized solid tumors or residual disease, and the product began use to treat prostate cancers in 2013. The company’s second product, is a bioabsorbable, planar sheet called the CivaSheet®, received FDA clearance in 2014 and is the first commercially available brachytherapy device that has integrated radiation shielding built into the implantable device, making it safe and allowing broader applications.

Suzanne Troxler Babcock, Executive Chairman and CEO
Dr. Kristy Perez, Vice President of Clinical Programs
Randy Harrison, National Sales Manager
Dr. Seth A. Hoedl JD, Chief Science Officer
Neil Morris, Interim Controller


  • CivaString is the first implantable radiation therapy device encapsulated with polymers and approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a sealed source
  • Recipient of the NCTA 21 Awards 2010 for Best Emerging Technology and was a finalist in 2013 for the NCTA Best Life Science Company
  • First therapeutic radiation therapy company to be licensed as a manufacturer and distributer in the State of North Carolina. Manufacturing meets FDA guidelines and appropriate ISO standards for medical devices
  • Has two licenses with the NRC Agreement State of North Carolina
  • Partnered with AnazaoHealth, a well-known radiopharmacy in Tampa, Florida

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Suzanne Babcock

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