Company Profile: AsclepiX Therapeutics, LLC

CED Life Science Conference 2018 - presenting at the Coulter Investment Forum
Sub-sector: Biotechnology
Year Founded: 2011

AsclepiX Therapeutics, LLC has created a disruptive platform of next gen therapies for ocular diseases, cancer, and transplants that not only stop new vessel growth but also regress diseased vessels, essentially “Turning the Clock Back”. In ophthalmology, AXT107 has a novel mechanism of action that inhibits the activity of VEGF and activates Tie 2 with a single intravitreal agent and with fewer monthly injections than other ocular therapies. In oncology, AXT201 prolongs survival in vivo in hepatocellular carcinoma and inhibits angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in vivo in Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stops cancer growth and stops cancer spread.  In transplant, AXT501 blocks VEGFR3, which inhibits lymphangiogenesis in vivo to minimize rejection of skin, limb, and organ transplant. We are focused on significant unmet needs including, Orphan Diseases, diseases with high mortality and diseases with a significant treatment burden on the patient, and have created novel therapeutic agents for ocular diseases, cancer, and transplantation.

CEO - Wendy Perrow, MBA                      
CTO - Jordan J. Green, PhD                       
CSO - Aleksander S. Popel, PhD                
R&D Head - Niranjan Pandey, PhD
Chief Med Advisor - Henrik Rasmussen, MD, PhD
Regulatory - Judy Gordon, DVM   
Manufacturing - Gary Musso, PhD      
Toxicology - John Kapeghian, PhD


  • Raised > $8M in non-dilutive funding
  • Lead product, AXT107 to treat diabetic macular edema, shown more effective and longer lasting than the standard of care (Eylea®) in leading animal models
  • (Science Translational Medicine, 2017)
  • Successful pre-IND meeting with the FDA on AXT107
  • Successful GMP production of API and CMC production of AXT107
  • Successfully conducted initial AXT107 toxicology studies with other IND-enabling toxicology studies currently ongoing
  • Anticipated Phase I/II Clinical Trial to commence in 2019
  • Parallel development of AXT107-MP, a long-lasting treatment for wet AMD and AXT201, a treatment for solid tumors
  • Team Awards: Wendy Perrow, Maryland TEDCO Entrepreneur of the Year (2017); Jordan Green, Baltimore Business Journal “40 Under 40” (2015).

Johns Hopkins FastForward, Maryland TEDCO, NIH I-Corps, NEI, JHU-Coulter Partnership

Wendy Perrow, 301 West 29th Street, Suite 2004, Baltimore, MD 21211

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