CED #OnTheRise Campaign

Intentional Giving, Measurable Results  

CED has managed the support network for fast-growing industries such as technology and life sciences for more than 30 years, and has established a deep, valuable set of connections. Over this same timeframe the landscape has changed.  Changes in venture capital, the rise of angel and corporate investors, the speed of innovation, the impact of social media, and the Southeast’s relative lack of connectivity to other entrepreneurial hubs and media centers will impact the region’s ability to turn great potential into long-term success.

CED is, therefore, turning its focus to high-impact initiatives to make sure the Triangle is on the short list for entrepreneurs thinking about starting, expanding, or relocating their high-growth companies, for investors looking for opportunities, and for journalists interested in great stories.  Together, we are #OnTheRise. 

To reach this goal possible, CED launched the #OnTheRise Campaign in 2014 to raise $2M over three years to further three key initiatives: 

  • #OnTheRise Through Strong Networks: We will strengthen and align the support network so the most-promising companies have measurably improved opportunities to advance quickly. 
  • #OnTheRise to Attract More Capital: We will increase by 50% the number of investors active in the Triangle over the next 3 years. (We are well on our way, check out www.cednc.org/innovatorsreport and our Connections to Capital program.
  • #OnTheRise to Promote Success Stories: Our region will be perceived as one of the best places to start and grow a business. (Triangle companies have recently been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CNN Money). 

For more information on how to be involved in the #OnTheRise Campaign, contact Vicki Schebell, CED's Business Manager, by email vschebell@cednc.org.

#OnTheRise Campaign Information Booklet
#OnTheRise Campaign Launch Press Release 
$1M in Pledges to #OnTheRise Campaign Press Release