Early Investor Reverse Pitch

Hear from 8 early stage investors including angel groups and seed funds as they tell you the types of companies that are a good fit for their capital.

Software as a Service – Growth

FEATURED COMPANIESArpio, Doug NeumannEasyVote, Charles DavisEcobot, Lee LanceKrepling, Liam J.E Geradamesur.io, Michael ProrockMuuklabs, Ivan BajarasPermits.com, Ray AntoninoHank AI, Jack Neil


In this session, learn about technologies that are facilitating deeper engagement and connection between businesses and their employees and customers. FEATURED COMPANIESClever Education Solutions, Dominique MouthonMentorforce, Jay ParkerProximal, Jeffrey PomerantzSeabird Apps, Sean CannThe Diversity Movement, Donald ThompsonTownhall, Larysa NadolnyTRAKID, Brandon Kashani