SoleLife is Hiring: Marketing Specialist

SOLELIFE is looking for a Marketing Specialist to run our marketing programs. We don’t need strategy, just implementation. Our sales start online, so the Marketing Specialist will be the point person to attract and convert leads using online sales funnels, social media marketing, and online ads. This role is currently for an independent contractor who can devote about 25-30 hours per week to create massive sales. Competitive commission based on percentage of sales plus bonuses, so we’re looking for the person who is confident in making sales happen, not just creating beautiful marketing.

The successful Marketing Specialist candidate will have the following mindsets:

  • Can-do attitude – You are resourceful about getting things done with little supervision and direction
  • Abundance – The world is big, and there are lots of people who want what SOLELIFE has to offer (it’s just a matter of finding them, which is the job)
  • Emotional intelligence – You work well with others and can have fun and be productive with no drama or politics
  • Continual learner/Growth mindset – You are always learning and growing, and see the value in others doing the same
  • Team player – You love working with others to accomplish bigger goals
  • Outcome-oriented – You focus on results, not just activity.

The successful Marketing Specialist candidate will have the following skills:

  • You can learn marketing tools (primarily web-based) quickly and can implement them to generate revenue.
  • You can learn, or better yet have experience with, Click Funnels for creating online sales funnels.
  • You can learn, or better yet have experience working with email marketing, campaign management, and affiliate program management.
  • You can write marketing copy that attracts buyers and converts prospects to buyers online.
  • You can implement optimal email marketing to maximize the value of ongoing sales from existing clients.
  • You can support and manage a blog.
  • You can create high-converting online ads (Facebook and Google primarily)
  • You can engage audiences on social media platforms (primarily Facebook and LinkedIn)

The ideal Marketing Specialist candidate will ALSO have the following (not a requirement, but nice to have):

  • You know how to create and optimize online sales funnels to generate leads and sales conversions.
  • You have a solid influencer network that can be leveraged to promote SOLELIFE.
  • You have connection with independent health and life coaches (individuals and networks).
  • You are comfortable talking on the phone to promote SOLELIFE programs to organizations and associations
  • You can manage an online community, maximizing engagement.
  • You have worked with Kartra, all-in-one marketing and ecommerce platform.

If you are interested in learning a lot, fine-tuning your skills, and having fun doing it, we welcome you to apply. Be forewarned: We are looking for performers, not talkers. If you are confident in your abilities and especially if you have a proven track record of creating online sales at scale, we want to talk.

If you are a quick learner, have desire to succeed, and a passion to market, but maybe not as much experience, we’re still open to talking to see if we can help you become the awesome marketer you know that you can be. We know that many of the greats out there just needed a chance to get started.


SOLELIFE is building a digital platform that includes training and software to help certified coaches become and remain peak performers and grow their business. We help business leaders in the coaching industry cultivate more clarity, control, and success so that they can have the life and business they want with less stress and failure.

To Apply:

Send an email to Nichole Lowe ( introducing yourself and telling us how well you fit the job description. We don’t need a resume or long-winded treatise. Your first job is to sell us on YOU, and if we’re sold, we’ll let you know and have you in for an interview. We’ll also let you know if you haven’t sold us on you, because we believe that’s just the decent thing to do. Hope to hear from you soon!

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