GEMELLI: Striving to Meet a “Twin” Purpose

Your company has an interesting name and logo, is there a story behind it? Gemelli means “twins” in Italian. While we have a pair of twins within the Gemelli family, the name also refers to a “twin purpose.” We bring healthcare tools to market, but we also strive to advance a second mission of philanthropy. […]

CourtRoom5 Slaying in more than just the Courtroom

CourtRoom5 has been causing quite a buzz in the Triangle due to some recent awards and acceptances. Most recently CourtRoom5 participated in Google for Startups: Black Founders Exchange and won the grand prize out of 11 early-stage black-led startups. Before then, CourtRoom5 took home the grand prize for Duke Law Tech Lab’s Demo Day. And to top it off, they […]

Combating the Global Water Crisis One Drop at a Time: NALA Systems

The World Bank estimates that 20-30% of fresh water is wasted costing the global economy $14B annually. CEO of NALA Systems, Sue Mecham, PH.D. is taking this challenge head-on with her team by bringing new reverse osmosis membranes to market. The company is dedicated to developing new materials, new manufacturing processes, and new source water opportunities. Hear what Sue had to say about the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and how she hopes her advanced materials will impact the world:

5 Facts About DataClarity

Companies now more than ever are searching for ways to encompass and analyze the important data that surrounds their business. Data plays a huge role in understanding valuable insights about target demographics and customer preferences. DataClarity Corporation helps people easily access, prepare, consume and visualize any data from anywhere and transform it into actionable information. We sat down with Co-Founder & CEO Mark Mueller to learn more about how North Carolina’s thriving ecosystem has had an impact on his company. 

4 Questions with Phil | ZynBit Talks Success

Since 2010 CED has helped over 150 companies grow and develop through our Venture Mentoring Service developed by MIT, a unique service that approaches mentorship from a team perspective. ZynBit, a company that makes using Salesforce effortless, found success through CED’s VMS program. We recently buzzed Phil Dixon, Founder, and CEO of ZynBit, and asked him to answer 4 short questions.