Learn more about #TheNext Level in medical documentation for doctors featuring Dr. Jared Pelo, CEO, iScribes. Jared chose to move his company to Durham in search of mentors, resources, and the network to grow.

iScribes and the CED Network

"I had only been here a week when I attended the CED Raising the Dough event. This network is amazing and it's bigger than you think. It all comes together around these different events..."

"And then we heard about this Tech Venture Conference. We applied and we did the pitch practice. And CED said we could be a Showcase company and present in front of all these investors. And that was awesome..."

"The other thing we did at that same time is we started Venture Mentoring Service through CED. We started with our three mentors and we've been using them for two years..." 

"CED has been not only integral to iScribes' story but integral to iScribes' success."