Strategic Partner Spotlight: Clarkston Consulting
Strategic Partner Spotlight: Clarkston Consulting

CED spotlights strategic partners that help to propel Triangle entrepreneurial companies onto the national stage as successful businesses. One of our Strategic Partner Spotlights is Clarkston Consulting

Businesses across the consumer products and life sciences industries partner with Clarkston Consulting to enhance strategic decision-making, improve operational efficiency, implement new technologies, and promote business growth and market diversification. Leveraging deep functional and industry expertise, our people discover, design, and deliver solutions that fit your business, your goals, and your future. At Clarkston Consulting, your purpose is our purpose.

How does Clarkston Consulting help North Carolina entrepreneurs?

As a founder-led private company, Clarkston embraces entrepreneurial spirit as one of our core values. Clarkston has been the impetus for over a dozen ventures across a variety of industries, in North Carolina and beyond. Clarkston has a strong track record of bringing in funding to these businesses from across the United States, including California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and globally.  These businesses, from services to technology, merchant banking to real estate, were born from the belief that we could fulfill an unmet need in the marketplace. With many of these businesses, we take an innovative approach to address an existing challenge and achieve exceptional results by operating in a different way.

What does Clarkston Consulting envision for the future of entrepreneurship?

The future of entrepreneurship is a connected network of individuals who regularly challenge existing thinking and look for unmet needs in the market.  The entrepreneur of the future needs the courage to push their ideas forward and work, often with minimal assistance, to successfully take on uncomfortable risks.  The Clarkston entrepreneurial culture is practiced each day by our employees and is built on a foundation of open and safe dialogue where ideas can be shared with minimal bureaucracy. We have a nimble management team who can respond quickly to great ideas and have the smarts and discipline to know when to step on the gas or when the opportunity should be sidelined. We believe this model will be necessary for the future for all innovative and entrepreneurial companies.

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