Innovators Report 2016 - $806m for NC Companies


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CED tracks 1,800 companies, is connected to 250+ investors, and helped raise $53M in 10 months.

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CED has been following HB2 closely. We are sharing resources to help keep you informed.

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Strategic Partner Spotlight: Duke Innovation &Entrepreneurship Initiative

Why does Duke I&E support CED as a Strategic Partner?

Duke University and Duke I&E are invested in the continuing success and growth of Duke employees and the local community. We believe a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that connects innovators to all the resources that this region has to offer is essential to regional success. We are eager to support CED in its efforts to make the Triangle the entrepreneurial hub of the South.

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For the last 30 years, CED has promoted the growth of the Triangle economy by cultivating a self-sustaining community of entrepreneurship through our powerfully connected network.

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Since 1984, the CED community has steadily grown, turning the Triangle into a hotspot for entrepreneurial growth and success. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CED is committed to identifying, supporting and advancing the next generation of high-growth, high-impact companies.

With more than 4,000 active members and 700 companies represented, as well as an ever-expanding national community committed to providing support, our expansive membership of industry veterans, successful innovators and enterprising startups comprises the largest and longest-running network for entrepreneurs in the country. Collectively raising $8.5 billion over the past 31 years, CED-connected entrepreneurial companies continue to support the growth of our powerful network, developing dynamic, inspiring means for expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Carolina.

As the Triangle’s go-to entrepreneurial network for more than three decades, CED is dedicated to connecting and growing startups and businesses by cultivating a self-sustaining community of entrepreneurship in North Carolina and beyond.

Our Powerfully Connected Entrepreneurial Network

With just the right combination of opportunity, resources and talent, the Triangle region of North Carolina is experiencing explosive growth and business success. Behind that growth is a community with a 30-year commitment to fostering new insights in technology-based industries, and a track record of successful startups in North Carolina. At the core of this community is CED, which has formed a powerful network of investors, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, mentors and startup support organizations.

By continually connecting new businesses with investors, industry leaders and other supportive institutions, it’s our goal to build a self-sustaining entrepreneurial environment that encourages innovative and inventive ideas, helping those with traction to reach their full potential. By making the right connections and sharing experience, knowledge and resources, we can work together to ensure further growth and success for North Carolina’s entrepreneurs.